Compiled Links and Resources for Mini-geekfest Monday, August 8, 2011

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Chat log from recording: (links and tools shared during the session have been added to this wiki and the Livebinder)

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Survey link for tonight's webinar: Whether you participate live or view the recording you may complete the survey and request a 1-hour professional development certificate.

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Peggy's Resources and Links for August 8, 2011

An awesome way to welcome your students back to school using Animoto
Meet Your Teacher (created by Karen Abbott)
Teacher Tech Videos
Glogster example of videos: (3 videos: Getting Started, The Basics, Beyond the Basics)!__tools-for-newbies/vstc1=glogster
Has tools divided into categories:
Tools for Newbies
Tools for Developing Users
Tools for Advanced Users
More Vids
More Tutorial Vid Sites
Favorite Ed Vids
Great Ed Video Sites
Misc Videos

Another great compilation if you want to learn more about using iPads in education (created by John Evans)

My for ScreenCasting (originally shared in July Mini-geekfest)
Lorna Costantini and I gave a webinar on screencasting for the TX Speaks VOLumes virtual conference, and that was the resource I created to share during the webinar. You can now view all of the recordings from the conference by registering on the site (free!) I also created a Livebinder with the links for the presentation:

SpeaksVOLumes Conference site
MERIT Talks 2011 (f2f program for California educators organized by Rushton Hurley, but many sessions were streamed and recorded on Elluminate/LearnCentral) This link describes the sessions and provides the recording links.

Free Webinars for teachers by Laura Candler

On that page you will also find links to some other outstanding webinars:
Mastering Math Facts: Topics discussed: Getting started with Reading Workshop, the basic Reading Workshop Components, Reading is Thinking, teaching students to choose books, guided reading
Reading Workshop Works: Topics discussed: Getting started with Reading Workshop, the basic Reading Workshop Components, Reading is Thinking, teaching students to choose books, guided reading
How to Fund your Classroom Projects:Topics discussed: Tips from an expert on how to write grant proposals through DonorsChoose, an organization that helps teachers find funding for their class projects
Best of the School Year Live: Ideas shared by participants-Topics discussed: QR Codes, BizWorld, iPads in Education, Mock Trials, Kidblogging, Tie-Dye T-shirts
Motivating Math Stations: Topics discussed: How to implement Math Stations in your classroom; management strategies; how to create math games, where to find math websites and games for centers
Classroom Book Clubs: Topics discussed: How to implement Classroom Book Clubs, how to form groups, what to do when some groups finish early, where to find ideas for mini lessons, how to manage the noise level during discussions
(Laura's newest book is an awesome book! Power Reading Workshops with a step-by-step guide for using reading workshops in your classroom)

Reform Symposium Conference -3 day virtual conference
Incredible conference with several outstanding keynote presentations each day and lots of information, motivating presentations by others!
All video recordings can be accessed here (click on the tabs at the bottom of the page for days 1,2,3 to see them all):


Classroom 2.0 LIVE Blast from the Past Smackdown-Saturday, August 6-Participants shared links, resources, tools they learned about over the summer. Incredible resources!
Livebinder of resources for the session (click on the tab for Aug. 6):

Kim's Resources and Links for August 8, 2011

Welcome to Switcheroo Zoo
Students will have a ball with this site. It is educational and silly!

Escape Motions
Art teachers will love this as will their students. Though I don't even begin to understand it all, I do enjoy setting my creativity free while trying out all the tools on this site! As is true with all on the web, be sure to check out all aspects before letting students "roam free".

For the artist in everyone.

Symphony in Slang

Tex Avery Classic Cartoons
I found this video on the Learn It In 5 website.
Symphony in Slang is a cartoon story told through the use of idioms. Though some of the phrases are dated, students will still get a kick out of the old cartoon.
"punching cows"
"our eyes met"

Education Cartoons

by Randy Glasbergen
For usage permission, more information or a budget-friendly rate quote, please e-mail:

Social Media Musical "Gotta Share"

Improv Everywhere
From the website:
Improv Everywhere, a well known improv group that became famous for bursting into spontaneous musicals at random public places, appears at a bonified social media conference in New York called the “GEL Conference” to sing about how connected (obsessed?) we are to social media. It is already a testament to the growth of social media that there are social media business conferences just about social media. Remember just a few years ago, facebook, twitter and the concept of social media was not well known! Enjoy.
Gotta Share - Social Media

Tech on the Net

Clipart: Computer Keyboard Keys
Keyboard clip art. Not just for tech teachers! You can loads of fun creating messages and bulletin boards.

Links shared by participants during the session:

Elaine: Internet2
Hannah Walden (@techielit): eNote Taker
Lenette: great livebinder for using dropbox in the classroom
@plnaugle(Paula Naugle):
Peggy George: Spell with Flickr (Lenette asked how I created the letters on the PD certificate slide and this is the link I used. Really fun!)