Compiled Links and Resources for Mini-geekfest Monday, July 11, 2011

Elluminate recording link for tonight's show if you'd like to watch it again or share it with friends:

Shortened URL for Elluminate Recording:

Chat log from recording: (links and tools shared during the session have been added to this wiki and the Livebinder)

LiveBinder link for tonight's resources: (Click on tab for July 2011)

Survey link for tonight's webinar: Whether you participate live or view the recording you may complete the survey and request a 1-hour professional development certificate.

Video Recording from Elluminate session:

Peggy's Resources and Links for July 11, 2011

Some ISTE 2011 Highlights:

Opening Session and Keynote by Dr. John Medina (author of Brain Rules) (full length video)
Note: Dr. Medina's keynote introduction and presentation begin at 29 min into the recording if you want to fast-forward.

ISTE 2011 Conference Kickoff (full) (music, "crack the code" activity and short, inspirational messages from many speakers including Adam Bellow, EduTecher) (2:10:14)

EdubloggerCon ISTE 2011
Web 2.0 Smackdown (compilation of links shared during the Smackdown)

ISTE Unplugged Elluminate presentations - recording links for all sessions)

ISTE Videos on Demand (video recordings of selected presentations)

SIGMS ISTE 21st Century Playground resources
Resources compiled for my sessions on Glogster EDU and LiveBinders:
My for LiveBinders
My for ScreenCasting

Reading 2.0 Wikispace
Tired of seeing your students sit in front of a computer while your library's books collect dust on the shelves? Turn their fondness for the online world to your advantage by highlighting your library's offerings with the latest technological tools.
Let's extend this analogy to the art of reading: In the past, the book and the computer might have been in competition with one another...that's a "Reading 1.0" mindset. The technological tools posted in this wiki, however, promote reading without diminishing the importance or value of written text. Harnessing technology to excite and empower your students' literary development is our mission for Reading 2.0!

Low-Tech Labels
QR Codes
Creating Screensavers
Wordle Book Ads
A is for Apps
Social Bookmarking
Pathfinder Tools
Online Bookshelves
A Virtual Presence
Interactive Book Sites
Blogs & "-ogs" & Ends
2.0 Booktalks
SMART™ Connections
No Fuss Videos
Advanced Video Making
Picture Gallery

TIE Colorado 2011 (Compilation of short video tutorials for many web 2.0 tools)
It was another great conference at the Technology in Education Conference held at the Copper Mountain Resort in Colorado. This site will give a general overview of the wonderful sessions I attended and provide great resources that teachers can use in the classroom. I only wish I had more time to attend more sessions. The teachers at TIE are so wonderful and resourceful. This site is to help those who were not able to attend and reinforce information for those who did attend. It also helps me to put this together to revisit the sessions. The information can be overwhelming, so spending more time on the sessions is essential if I plan on using these ideas in the classroom.

Bits and pieces were gathered from various sessions to embellish this site. You can find informational and inspiring videos. Check out the Common Craft video selection. It is an incredible resource to clarify online communities and tools. While going through some of the sessions, I found other great videos to add to this site. Unfortunately, there isn't enough time in the day to know what is available online. I hope you can get some great value from this site

Teaching That Makes Sense by Steve Peha

Incredible, downloadable resources for teaching reading and writing and detailed instructions and lessons for Reading Workshop and Writing Workshop with assessment tools. Also includes great printable posters (Reading and Writing Poster Pack) with reminders and tips using 6-Traits Writing.

Free online games for kids

(mega site shared with me by my granddaughter-great for bored kids in the summertime when it's too hot to go outside)

Tango Free mobile video calls from iPhone, iPod, Android

77 Web Resources for Teachers to Explore (Richard Byrne-FreeTech4Teachers)
The summer is a good time to explore and experiment with new things that you might use in the fall. In the PDF below I've compiled 77 resources that you might want try out over the next couple of months. Even if there's nothing new to you in it, please consider passing it along to a colleague that could discover a few new things from it.

Creative Commons for Music Educators

(ISSU publication of fantastic resources for music educators)
(information about images, sounds, videos and more - for onlineand creative use)

Web 2.0 Tools by Task (Ed Tech Toolbox)

Kim's Resources and Links for July 11, 2011

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  • Registration required
  • Classroom Resource
    • TeachersFirst’s Classroom Resources area includes anything you would use with students in the classroom. You can find over 12,000 educator-reviewed web resources, searchable by subject/grade or keyword. You can also find lesson plans/units, ready-to-go content you can share on student computers, a projector, or interactive whiteboard, and special topic collections of web resources. Everything we offer will show up via keyword searches, or you can simply browse. We even offer just-in-time collections organized into a classroom planning calendar.
  • TeachersFirst Exclusive
    • TeachersFirst’s ready-to-go, projectable classroom activities are designed for either whole class or student-centered use. The range of subjects and grades is broad, spanning from poetry and literary devices to important historic events. All these activities were created by experienced teachers, and many have been used extensively in the teachers’ own classrooms before sharing them on TeachersFirst.
    • Offer these activities on an interactive whiteboard or projector, on student laptops, or even as a computer center. Be sure to share the links with students so they can access them from home or during study times for self-directed learning, review, or enrichment. Don’t forget to use your free TeachersFirst membership to mark ready to go Favorites or share comments about classroom successes with these activities.
  • Professional Resources- focus for this “sharing”
  • OK2Ask-focus of this "sharing"
    • Welcome to OK2Ask™, a series of live, online "snack sessions" (available both live and in archived format) for self-directed teacher professional development and exploration. These sessions, scheduled at convenient times for you to attend from any computer (kick off your shoes!) will share great ideas you can use in your classroom, courtesy of TeachersFirst's staff. You know our style, so you know these sessions will be useful and teacher-friendly.
    • Offer free webinars, both live and archived .
      • I watched Building Schoolwide Literacy with Fee Web 2.0 Tools

external image N2dRUjcvd6jyZSKtKO2JDOSXd8IzkmbLJW_XrkbgQZMvf25GAKoC3FA_2wOrOGRsYIvCSlFyKETojLVuSOZ1cpQjN0rLPIWxrOkyUco5OrlNd_DizK4
The Story Place - Charlotte Mecklenburg Library
  • Tales
  • Reading List
  • Things to print up
  • Book Hive
  • Preschool Library has 15 themes

external image k0GsHEF0P_q99B5vFkmX2gtW3DFgmL4fxP5Qet3IFQ81rlAoVLqN0agmrU9vz_ehMH6QBnMyZJ9gdvpmdS4upshgPhENAhWKEzdiZcFmOBItAhyhE1A
Google Squared
Google Squared is a search tool that helps you quickly build a collection of facts from the Web, for any topic you specify.
  • Facts about your topic are organized into a table of items and attributes (we call them "Squares" for fun).
  • Customize these Squares to see just the items and attributes you're interested in.
  • See the websites that served as sources for the information in your Square.
  • Save and share Squares with others.

external image nrgmGsyOGYCvWety5hPi0kZNQnTzg_618ql4_8B6XZqrqOiudEzuzVbTILXmwv_as7SkzZUKo-TvlxXn_SCbafN4Y9z_DYf5HUxc9b1baPCKkoCMD9I
Arcademic Skill Builders (Arcade + Academics = Fun Learning)
  • Register for a free account
  • Academic Skill Builders are free research-based and standards-aligned educational games! Engage and motivate students with our multi-player and single-player games. Click 'Play' on our games below to get started.
  • Academic Plus – paid version
    • Want to track scores, need Academic Plus
  • Sign up for Beta version for free

external image _diCTnmWAGtgsmuVCXmsLltE6pfBA0Yk-miB489GLXXIZhVc_uUO6m_aMBNYE2Eiu7O3bmU_XmKCDE4Wt5Ac5n-msjMRYe1EWJSMwGXZrPBvJJ2xtNI
Game Classroom
  • No registration needed
  • Free
  • Game Classroom was developed to address needs we witnessed firsthand as parents and educators. Too often educational materials and lesson plans fail to make learning an enjoyable experience for students. Our mission is to provide a fun and educational environment for students in Kindergarten through 6th grade.
  • We've thoroughly searched the web for engaging and educational games for kids, and then developed skill pages that pair these games with relevant worksheets, learning tips and homework help. We've collaborated with top educators to ensure that all of our educational resources are age-appropriate, relevant and compliant with academic standards. Our team of educators has created a vast library of lesson plans, homework help and problem sets as an additional resource for students, teachers and parents.
  • As online games become increasingly pervasive in the home, we strive to offer a site that adults can trust and children will enjoy. We promote education, imagination and literacy…while always making sure kids have fun on Game Classroom!
  • Search by grade level, worksheets, videos, lessons.
  • Math and LA focus
  • Lessons/tips/online resources/extra help/games
As you travel through this site you will see some familiar resources, such as Math Playground....

external image G8QkcTmkB651gSnCT6kI0qF_drSjIgg7FL2c2sqRvpkrgYpJAbaaQ9yrbZYdg8Fnnq4KVMhwO-NA38qm74iuwu0PIgnxjjEjE3DHOVTTQw2xX_9TvJo

  • Our mission at Brightstorm is to be the best place to learn in the world. We believe that great learning starts with great teaching. So, we find the best teachers, film them teaching, and build learning solutions around those great teacher videos.
  • Our current solutions target the high-school age curriculum, including Math, Science, SAT, ACT and AP subjects. Over 20 million students study these topics in the US every year-we believe this large market of web-generation users will be the first to define new ways for all of us to learn.
  • Some of our products are free, and some are paid. For instance, Brightstorm Math and Brightstorm Science videos are free—these 2,500+ videos cover every topic in Algebra 1, Geometry, Algebra 2, Precalculus, Trigonometry, Calculus, Biology, Chemistry and Physics. Our paid products include great tools like Math Homework Checker and test preparation programs for the SAT, the ACT and several AP courses. Great teaching forms the core of these comprehensive programs, which also include practice quizzes, downloadable materials, full-length practice exams and more.
  • For us, these steps are just the beginning of Brightstorm’s journey to revolutionize the way people learn. The power of a great teacher in action is undeniable, and we believe that everyone will learn the Brightstorm way in the years to come. Now, with Brightstorm, every learner can have access to the best teachers, wherever and whenever they want. This is a revolution—come join us!

external image VnA_OcZ002ZG7n24MuP_NI5nhk_z3snCQRES6IQxszmNVD4BjqT4XPT8RgGdJWE5gqbXng469NIyR6cpb8UPgJsaxokf7RgBZOuokfOogXIN1_eRa7U+external image TEr-cb9KLuMb2O9uTLKEbRrSbnzot2YH6jfI-SIsAmcumxH9Pd6PqPVcdlHjjrnJbKZJhH26KUMqBmptJGRtOJETrIgUNTiZhU2orfvaG9V9SKYK04s
BatchGeo and Google Form


  • Nota is casual collaboration.
  • Nota is a unique, cutting-edge collaborative web platform that allows users to create, share and collaborate on presentations and virtually any other form of online material. Using Nota’s proprietary tool set, users can instantly integrate text, video, maps, clip art, photos from web album or on the local computer, or license-free images Flickr, and material from an ever-expanding array of sources. Users can then instantly embed their work in Facebook or blogs, and can share and collaborate with friends.

Example Nota page (1)

Example Nota page (2)

Links and Resources Shared in the Live Session

Kim Thomas-Preschool Library on Storyplace
Carolyn Stanley-Live stream of Google Science Fair winners
Carolyn Stanley-Mobile Learning Resources from Shamblesguru (main link)
Carolyn Stanley-Art Pad
shannonlibrarian: @Carolyn My students love artpad, but we have to specifically direct them NOT to visit the public gallery w/o adult supervision-inappropriate images
Sonya 2: I use to record short screencasts and students like to use it too!
Sonya 2:
shannonlibrarian: @Carolyn and for art explores
carolynstanley:Carolyn's blog
Carolyn Stanley: Sketching: This is an app to make sketches online. What sets this app apart, besides the fact that it's free and very easy to use, is that you can embed it on any wiki or blog and play back these sketch back to watch how it was drawn. Here is an example created by a 10 year old right after she was shown the app.

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