Compiled Links and Resources for Mini-geekfest Monday, June 13, 2011

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Survey link for tonight's webinar: Whether you participate live or view the recording you may complete the survey and request a 1-hour professional development certificate.

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Peggy's Resources and Links for June 13, 2011

(2 examples of premium tools obtained by participating in online conferences and webinars)

Vocabulary Spelling City is an online vocabulary and spelling program that makes learning fun.
Vocabulary and has:
  • Over 42,000 spelling words with customizable sentences and definitions
  • A REAL person who says each word and sentence
  • Free home pages for teachers and parents to save lists
  • **Teacher training videos** to show teachers and parents how to use Vocabulary and
  • Customizable sentences and definitions for words with multiple meanings (e.g., a scale for weighing, to scale a mountain, the scale on a map)
  • Free printable handwriting worksheets for handwriting practice with your saved lists
  • Free teaching resources with lists and lesson plans for teaching high frequency words, compound words, sound-alike words (their, there, they're), contractions, possessives, and more. There are also lists for learning state capitals.
  • Fifteen games to play online or to print: Spelling, Word Meaning, Vocabulary, Alphabetical Order, Unscramble, Parts of Speech
  • A free forum and newsletters with more vocabulary and spelling resources
With each word list, students can choose one of four options:
  • Spelling Test repeats each spelling word with a live voice and uses it in a sentence.
  • Vocab Test gives a definition for each word, along with a choice of six possible words.
  • Teach Me spells and displays the word in ways that stimulate memory for visual and verbal learners.
  • Play a Game uses your word list in educational games that teach spelling, word meaning, vocabulary, and alphabetical order.
After taking an online spelling or vocabulary test, students can print out a report, retake the entire test, or get tested only on the spelling words they got wrong the first time.

ZooBurst is a digital storytelling tool that lets anyone easily create his or her own 3D pop-up books. Using ZooBurst, storytellers of any age can create their own rich worlds in which their stories can come to life.
ZooBurst offers two types of accounts. "Basic" accounts are 100% free and let you to get started using ZooBurst right away. "Premium"" accounts offer a number of advanced features, including sound integration, ad-free browsing, unlimited books and a powerful "classroom management" tool that makes it easy to use ZooBurst with your students.
$9.99 (Billed Monthly) 1 Individual User / Teacher - or -$49.99 (Billed Yearly) 1 Individual User / Teacher
** An individual user / teacher can manage up to 250 student accounts at one time
As a premium member you now have access to a wide range of advanced book building and classroom management features. Here's a quick summary of everything that you can do with your new account:
  • Classroom management mode: Premium members can create virtual ZooBurst "classrooms" to easily manage student projects. You can also create up to 250 student accounts that allow your students to log into ZooBurst right away. Just use the 'Classes' link at the top right side of the screen to get started!
  • Unlimited books: Premium account holders and their students can create an unlimited number of books, and each book can be up to 50 pages long.
  • Ad-Free Browsing: While logged into ZooBurst, both you and your students will no longer see advertisements on any ZooBurst book page.
  • Voice recording: You can now record your own voice and have characters in your book actually "speak" - just open up a book and click on the 'Record Sound' button that appears after you click on a character.
  • Sound effects: Don't feel like recording your own sound? Search through a library of over 3,000 sound effects that can be applied to any of your characters.
  • New stuff!: We're constantly working on adding new "Premium-only" features to ZooBurst. Some new tools that will be coming out over the next few months include the ability to download your books and play them "Offline", create non-linear "choose your own adventure" style stories and a new Augmented Reality authoring environment. (beta right now)
My two sites: LiveBinders and Screencasting for Online Learning

Flash Jeopardy Presentation at 4T Conference

What Is...
Recording Link:
Presenter: Sarah Sullivan, UofM School of Education, Masters in Elementary Certification (MAC) Degree Candidate 2011
Co Presenter: Maria Vazquez, UofM School of Education, Masters in Elementary Certification (MAC) Degree Candidate 2011
Co Presenter: Rebecca Gilbert, UofM School of Education, Masters in Elementary Certification (MAC) Degree Candidate 2011
Session Description: interactive and engaging way to get students excited about reviewing unit material?
Alex Trebek: Correct! Just as Alex Trebek, you can lead a game of Jeopardy in your classroom. Learn how to create a free flash classroom Jeopardy game centered around your specific unit needs. Join us as we explore the resources available on Super Teacher Tools. During this workshop there will be time to begin making your own Jeopardy game. Please feel free to come with ideas in mind from a unit on which you are currently working.
Online Flash Jeopardy Game
Playing Flash Jeopardy Off Line (screencast explaining how to set up)
This will walk you through the steps of how to download the Flash Classroom Jeopardy template along with Jeopardy games to your computer.

Fantastic opportunities for Summer Professional Development with recorded conference presentations by some awesome presenters!

TCEA 2011 Technology Conference videos of featured presenters:

(Texas Computer Education Association)

Featured Presenters
Blogging Basics & Beyond Tammy Worcester 2/9/2011
Come On Down: Gameshows in the Classroom Tony Vincent 2/9/2011
Communicate, Collaborate, Contribute Jennifer Wagner 2/9/2011
Never Too Young to Learn Jennifer Wagner 2/9/2011
Web 2.0: The Who, The Why & Why Not Michael Butler 2/9/2011
Finding Interactive Treasures for your Hidden World Joan Gore & Janet Corder 2/10/2011
So What's New & What's Next Jennifer Wagner 2/10/2011
Technology Time-Savers for Teachers Tammy Worcester 2/10/2011
Copyright Law: We Are All Violaters Tim Chase 2/11/2011
Google Productivity: Tools for Schools Tim Chase 2/11/2011
Successful Solutions for Tech Integration in the Elementary Classroom Joan Gore & Janet Corder 2/11/2011
Successful Solutions for Tech Integration in the Secondary Classroom Joan Gore & Janet Corder 2/11/2011
Using Interactive Technologies to Promote Achievement for Students with Special Needs Ginno Kelly 2/11/2011

METC Conference 2011 (MIdwest Education Technology Conference)
Featured Presenters
The Kids Need Us - and - Technology Rushton Hurley
I'm Leading, Is Anyone Following? Howie DiBlasi
Hordes of Free Tools from a Google Certified Teacher Rushton Hurley
Living on the Future Edge Lee Crockett
Tammy's Favorite Technology Tips Tammy Worcester
Teaching "Wired" Learners Kevin Honeycutt
8-Track Tapes, Covered Wagons & Textbooks: There is a Better Way Scott Kinney
Copyright Clarity: Remix & Fair Use in Education Renee Hobbs
Gadget A-Go-Go: Fabulous Freebies, Great Gadgets, Tasty Tools, & Sweet Sites that Go the Distance! Gwyneth Ann Jones Student Publishing & Remixing: Keeping it Safe & Legal Panel Discussion Renee Hobbs, Gwyneth Ann Jones & Rushton Hurley
Paperless Classroom for Under $100 Torrence Temple

Visit the Gallery of PBS Innovation Award Winners Online Now

Find out for yourself what some of the country's most innovative educators are doing in their classrooms when you visit the online gallery of the winners of the 2011 PBS Teachers Innovation Award. Videos by the 12 first-place winners and 28 second-place winners, who come from all over the country and teach a variety of subjects across grade levels, are all available to watch at

Remote Viewer (iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad app)

Remote Viewer — Your Mac on an iPhone

Remote Viewer is a free iOS application that brings the contents of your Macintosh right to the screen of your iPhone, iPod, or iPad using Mac OS X Quick Look technology. Remotely browse and view your favorite files over the internet. Now you can keep your desktop documents, pictures, videos, and music right in your pocket!
NOTE! Using Remote Viewer requires you to have both the client application for iPhone/iPad and the server application for Mac.

"How To" Videos for the Technology Classroom
and don't forget about the amazing videos for learning about web tools shared by Adam Bellow on
Newest tutorials:

Diigo bookmarking to create a list that multiple people can collaborate on and share using Webslides.

List example and Webslide view: Diigo Resources and Tutorials
Short demo using application sharing. New list: Mini-geekfest Resources
If you would like to add links to be shared with other educators, join this Diigo group:(short demo of how to share with group)

AzTEA Mini-geekfest Resources

Group created for sharing links to internet resources shared during monthly Mini-geekfest webinars for possible use in iGems that will be featured on the AzTEA website.

Kim's Resources and Links for June 13, 2011

Bomomo is a unique and beautiful online interactive creative drawing program

Flipsnack - example
PDF documents to Flip book you can share and/or embed.

Much like Flipsnack except the document you upload doesn't have to be a PDF. This example is from a PowerPoint.

Sermon Spice Timers
Count down with some color and style! Check out:
This site offers many countdowns for sale, this is the only free one I could find.

Google Tools for Schools
Just came across this one and looking forward to exploring all that it offers....

Links and Resources Shared in the Live Session

Gene Carboni: and a good combination
@plnaugle(Paula Naugle):
Urvi: issu is very similar to that: ( )
slesch: and
Urvi: and (great mindmapping tools)
KDeLander: ZoomIT;1
@plnaugle(Paula Naugle):

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