Kim's Shared Resources for Blackboard Collaborate Mini-Geek Fests

Kim's Resources and Links for January 9, 2012

Duo Lingo
Learn a language and help translate the web.
What makes this web site unique is their approach to learning a language. Watch the short video on the home page to get a full explanation of how the site works.

Virtual Field Trip Resource
From the presentation by Jayme Linton at the K12 Online Conference. Be warned, you might end up getting lost, visiting the Sistine Chapel or Taj Mahal!
This was my first visit (ok, at least that I can remember!) to a site using Symbaloo and I love it! It is visually easy to read, allowing you to dive right in to find the information you want.

Little Bird Tales
Story building tool. I am not too sure about this one...yet. Liked the fact that you can set-up an educator account to use with your students. Also easy to use. After building a short story I went ahead and purchased it. At $.99 it is risk worth taking. :) Consider checking it out....

Videos for kids, organized by ages.
From the website -
Kideos is the premier destination for kids to safely watch videos online. Each video on Kideos has been screened by our Video Advisory Council before it makes it onto our site. Our goal is to empower parents to feel comfortable allowing their child to spend time on Kideos, while also making sure children have a thoroughly entertaining experience.

Geo Cube
Rubic cube and geography, never thought I would see this kind of combination. Information is organized on a a rubric cube you can manipulate to see the various topics covered. As a visual learner I found this to be an interesting website, worthy of sharing with others.

Digital Vaults from the National Archives
Anything from the National Archives is going to be worth checking out and that is especially true for this site. With just a few minutes of exploring the site, you will be able to manipulate the pictures and information to find information.

Word Hippo
Online dictionary and much more!
How they came up with the website name Word Hippo, I will never know. Wait, who cares! It is a unique site that allows you to look up rhyming words, translations, opposites, thesaurus and even sentences that have a particular word in it.

Kim's Resources and Links for November 14, 2011


English Vocabulary Games

Wow! doesn't really describe all that is offered at this website.

English, Foreign Language and Literature Games

Vocabulary Learning Resources
  • Vocabulary of the World
  • Analogy Games
  • Antonym Games
  • Compound Word Games
  • Context Games
  • Contraction Games
  • English Language Games
  • Foreign Language Games
  • Hig Pig Games
  • Homophone Games
  • Idioms Games
  • Latin Learning Games
  • Literature Games
  • Oxymoron Games
  • Parts of Speech Games
  • Phonics Games
  • Prefix Games
  • Root Word Games
  • SAT Games
  • Spelling Games
  • Suffix Games


From the website - is the leader in free educational kids computer games and activities for elementary students to learn on the web. All children's educational computer activities were created or approved by certified school teachers. All educational games are free and are modeled from primary grade lessons and enhanced to provide an interactive way for children to learn.
Grades K-5

Some games take a bit of work to figure out (OK, maybe just for me)

Mark Gura, Host

ISTE Literacy Special Interest Group (SIG)

This is my first ISTE podcast and not my last! Loved all I learned from host Mark Gura!
Episode #1 focused on book trailers and a interview with Patricia Polacco.
My personal favorites from the podcast....

  • Booktrailers - Booktrailers for All
    • By grade leve, easy to navigate, providing great resources for teachers to use before exploring out on their own to do this in their classroom.
  • Creative Educator magazine online - From Tech4Learning. Tech4 Learning does a good job of providing information for all teachers. Though they are a company who has products to sell, they are generous in providing usefull, free resources for all teachers.

All things British...


From the BBC, Words and Pictures

The only word of caution may be that with the British accent there may be some confusion for younger grades. Still worth looking at!
  • Phonics
  • CVC Words
  • Consanant Clusters
  • Long Vowel Sounds
  • High Freguency Words


From the BBC, Science Clips

Since this not designed for teachers in America you may have to look around a bit to find exactly what you can use. It is worth taking the time to explore....
  • Ages 5-11
  • Resources for teachers
  • A few of the topics
    • Sorting and Using Materials
    • Light and Dark
    • Pushes and Pulls
    • Changing Circuits


From Nova
Create a DNA Fingerprint

Older students will love this lesson and activity

From the website - DNA. It's what makes you unique. Unless you have an identical twin, your DNA is different from that of every other person in the world. And that’s what makes DNA fingerprinting possible. Experts can use DNA fingerprints for everything from determining a biological mother or father to identifying the suspect of a crime. What, then, is a DNA fingerprint and how is it made? Here, you'll find out by solving a mystery—a crime of sorts. First, you’ll create a DNA fingerprint (we'll supply the lab and all necessary materials). Then you’ll compare this DNA fingerprint to those of all seven suspects to nab the perpetrator. Ready? Let's get to work!

Exploding firecracker

Playing with Time

From the website: Playing With Time is an exciting, new project that looks at how the world around you is changing over many different time periods. The project consists of two major parts: this web site and a traveling museum exhibit. The site is being developed by Red Hill Studios. The exhibit is a collaboration between Red Hill and the Science Museum of Minnesota.

Here at the Playing With Time web site, unseen worlds of change will be revealed. You will see time speed up and slowed down, and behold the beauty of change. Time will be in your hands to witness, replay, and even create. You never know... you might not look at things quite the same way again.

Students are going to love these....
  • Water Balloon Bounce
  • Woman Aging
  • Snail
  • Night
  • Fire Cracker

Kim's Resources and Links for September 12, 2011

The Teaching Channel
From the website...
Everyone has a story about a remarkable teacher.
At Teaching Channel we believe what makes teachers inspiring is how they became experts -- the hours and years they've dedicated to improving their craft to benefit their students And because we know teaching is not one-size-fits-all, we tailored our technology so you can find what works best for you.

Our mission is to capture their technique on video so that all teachers -- new or seasoned -- have a place to find inspiration. Of course you could just learn back and admire great stories, but we also provide tools to take a few notes, trade ideas and even build your own personal workspace.

Over 5900 teachers have contributed to this site! covering all subject areas grades k-12.

Google Forms with Amanda Dahl
Amanda Dahl is a Middle School Technology teacher who is a leader in the Madison School District in Google Docs.

Recently she taught a Google Forms CATNIP class. It was such a big hit she was asked to present the same class at a local AzTEA conference.

You will, most definitely, want to bookmark this site!

Toy Theater
From the website....
What is Toy Theater?
Toy Theater is a collection of early learning activities. An eclectic "Theater" of learning toys, it is a safe place to play and learn.
Who is Toy Theater aimed at?
Toy Theater is aimed at both preschool and primary school age children but is open to people of all ages, even you.
Does Toy Theater cost anything?
No! Toy Theater is free for everyone. We display ads supplied by Google to generate revenue to support the site.
$10 per year fee to use site without ads - such a deal!

Mrs. Gebauer’s Website
Cautionary note....this website is addictive!

Mrs. Gerbauer has put together an incredible treasure chest of resources primary (focus is 2nd grade) resources.

The link provided above is for the Word Work/Spelling area.

Though there is much to explore, I limited myself to the first 2 sections of Making Words. This brought up a Harcourt interactive site. This is another site you are going to want to bookmark!

From the website...
"Interactives" provides educators and students with strategies, content, and activities that can enhance and improve students' skills in a variety of curricular areas.

Amazing Space

Bill Nye, the Science Guy

  • Bill Nye eCards - seriously? Yes, seriously.
  • "Consider the following" - do you remember this from his TV show?
  • Home Demos
  • Episode Guides
  • Video Segments
  • Articles
  • Archives
  • And more...

Kim's Resources and Links for September 12, 2011

Merriam-Webster's Word Central Games
Merriam-Webster's Word Central Games-Alpha-Bot
Merriam-Webster's Word Central Games-Robo-Bee
Merriam-Webster's Word Central Games-Robo-BIGbot
Merriam-Webster's Word Central Games-Jumble Kids


Wes Fryer: Playing with Media/Images
Tony Vincent: Learning in Hand/Project Based Learning
Flisti: Free, online polling tool
Educational Jargon Generator

The Kids Should See This
There's just so much science, nature, music, arts, technology, storytelling and assorted good stuff out there that my kids (and maybe your kids) haven't seen. It's most likely not stuff that was made for them... But we don't underestimate kids around here.
Off the grid-for-little-kids videos and other smart stuff collected by Rion Nakaya and her three year old co-curator.

Welcome to Switcheroo Zoo
Students will have a ball with this site. It is educational and silly!

Escape Motions
Art teachers will love this as will their students. Though I don't even begin to understand it all, I do enjoy setting my creativity free while trying out all the tools on this site! As is true with all on the web, be sure to check out all aspects before letting students "roam free".

For the artist in everyone.

Symphony in Slang

Tex Avery Classic Cartoons
I found this video on the Learn It In 5 website.
Symphony in Slang is a cartoon story told through the use of idioms. Though some of the phrases are dated, students will still get a kick out of the old cartoon.
"punching cows"
"our eyes met"

Education Cartoons

by Randy Glasbergen
For usage permission, more information or a budget-friendly rate quote, please e-mail:

Social Media Musical "Gotta Share"

Improv Everywhere
From the website:
Improv Everywhere, a well known improv group that became famous for bursting into spontaneous musicals at random public places, appears at a bonified social media conference in New York called the “GEL Conference” to sing about how connected (obsessed?) we are to social media. It is already a testament to the growth of social media that there are social media business conferences just about social media. Remember just a few years ago, facebook, twitter and the concept of social media was not well known! Enjoy.
Gotta Share - Social Media

Tech on the Net

Clipart: Computer Keyboard Keys
Keyboard clip art. Not just for tech teachers! You can loads of fun creating messages and bulletin boards.

Kim's Resources and Links for July 11, 2011

external image xwRxBLYCBcHxHE_KgsXDuNSxjkylsePGUr3me4Ui51EFpOVU52xc9IBJEBhfpItABaPdypFOJc25huOPLNwi-YBQU2xavy_b2-jlNZKlgS8lBYjtd0w
  • Registration required
  • Classroom Resource
    • TeachersFirst’s Classroom Resources area includes anything you would use with students in the classroom. You can find over 12,000 educator-reviewed web resources, searchable by subject/grade or keyword. You can also find lesson plans/units, ready-to-go content you can share on student computers, a projector, or interactive whiteboard, and special topic collections of web resources. Everything we offer will show up via keyword searches, or you can simply browse. We even offer just-in-time collections organized into a classroom planning calendar.
  • TeachersFirst Exclusive
    • TeachersFirst’s ready-to-go, projectable classroom activities are designed for either whole class or student-centered use. The range of subjects and grades is broad, spanning from poetry and literary devices to important historic events. All these activities were created by experienced teachers, and many have been used extensively in the teachers’ own classrooms before sharing them on TeachersFirst.
    • Offer these activities on an interactive whiteboard or projector, on student laptops, or even as a computer center. Be sure to share the links with students so they can access them from home or during study times for self-directed learning, review, or enrichment. Don’t forget to use your free TeachersFirst membership to mark ready to go Favorites or share comments about classroom successes with these activities.
  • Professional Resources- focus for this “sharing”
  • OK2Ask-focus of this "sharing"
    • Welcome to OK2Ask™, a series of live, online "snack sessions" (available both live and in archived format) for self-directed teacher professional development and exploration. These sessions, scheduled at convenient times for you to attend from any computer (kick off your shoes!) will share great ideas you can use in your classroom, courtesy of TeachersFirst's staff. You know our style, so you know these sessions will be useful and teacher-friendly.
    • Offer free webinars, both live and archived .
      • I watched Building Schoolwide Literacy with Fee Web 2.0 Tools

external image N2dRUjcvd6jyZSKtKO2JDOSXd8IzkmbLJW_XrkbgQZMvf25GAKoC3FA_2wOrOGRsYIvCSlFyKETojLVuSOZ1cpQjN0rLPIWxrOkyUco5OrlNd_DizK4
The Story Place - Charlotte Mecklenburg Library
  • Tales
  • Reading List
  • Things to print up
  • Book Hive
  • Preschool Library has 15 themes

external image k0GsHEF0P_q99B5vFkmX2gtW3DFgmL4fxP5Qet3IFQ81rlAoVLqN0agmrU9vz_ehMH6QBnMyZJ9gdvpmdS4upshgPhENAhWKEzdiZcFmOBItAhyhE1A
Google Squared
Google Squared is a search tool that helps you quickly build a collection of facts from the Web, for any topic you specify.
  • Facts about your topic are organized into a table of items and attributes (we call them "Squares" for fun).
  • Customize these Squares to see just the items and attributes you're interested in.
  • See the websites that served as sources for the information in your Square.
  • Save and share Squares with others.

external image nrgmGsyOGYCvWety5hPi0kZNQnTzg_618ql4_8B6XZqrqOiudEzuzVbTILXmwv_as7SkzZUKo-TvlxXn_SCbafN4Y9z_DYf5HUxc9b1baPCKkoCMD9I
Arcademic Skill Builders (Arcade + Academics = Fun Learning)
  • Register for a free account
  • Academic Skill Builders are free research-based and standards-aligned educational games! Engage and motivate students with our multi-player and single-player games. Click 'Play' on our games below to get started.
  • Academic Plus – paid version
    • Want to track scores, need Academic Plus
  • Sign up for Beta version for free

external image _diCTnmWAGtgsmuVCXmsLltE6pfBA0Yk-miB489GLXXIZhVc_uUO6m_aMBNYE2Eiu7O3bmU_XmKCDE4Wt5Ac5n-msjMRYe1EWJSMwGXZrPBvJJ2xtNI
Game Classroom
  • No registration needed
  • Free
  • Game Classroom was developed to address needs we witnessed firsthand as parents and educators. Too often educational materials and lesson plans fail to make learning an enjoyable experience for students. Our mission is to provide a fun and educational environment for students in Kindergarten through 6th grade.
  • We've thoroughly searched the web for engaging and educational games for kids, and then developed skill pages that pair these games with relevant worksheets, learning tips and homework help. We've collaborated with top educators to ensure that all of our educational resources are age-appropriate, relevant and compliant with academic standards. Our team of educators has created a vast library of lesson plans, homework help and problem sets as an additional resource for students, teachers and parents.
  • As online games become increasingly pervasive in the home, we strive to offer a site that adults can trust and children will enjoy. We promote education, imagination and literacy…while always making sure kids have fun on Game Classroom!
  • Search by grade level, worksheets, videos, lessons.
  • Math and LA focus
  • Lessons/tips/online resources/extra help/games
As you travel through this site you will see some familiar resources, such as Math Playground....

external image G8QkcTmkB651gSnCT6kI0qF_drSjIgg7FL2c2sqRvpkrgYpJAbaaQ9yrbZYdg8Fnnq4KVMhwO-NA38qm74iuwu0PIgnxjjEjE3DHOVTTQw2xX_9TvJo

  • Our mission at Brightstorm is to be the best place to learn in the world. We believe that great learning starts with great teaching. So, we find the best teachers, film them teaching, and build learning solutions around those great teacher videos.
  • Our current solutions target the high-school age curriculum, including Math, Science, SAT, ACT and AP subjects. Over 20 million students study these topics in the US every year-we believe this large market of web-generation users will be the first to define new ways for all of us to learn.
  • Some of our products are free, and some are paid. For instance, Brightstorm Math and Brightstorm Science videos are free—these 2,500+ videos cover every topic in Algebra 1, Geometry, Algebra 2, Precalculus, Trigonometry, Calculus, Biology, Chemistry and Physics. Our paid products include great tools like Math Homework Checker and test preparation programs for the SAT, the ACT and several AP courses. Great teaching forms the core of these comprehensive programs, which also include practice quizzes, downloadable materials, full-length practice exams and more.
  • For us, these steps are just the beginning of Brightstorm’s journey to revolutionize the way people learn. The power of a great teacher in action is undeniable, and we believe that everyone will learn the Brightstorm way in the years to come. Now, with Brightstorm, every learner can have access to the best teachers, wherever and whenever they want. This is a revolution—come join us!

external image VnA_OcZ002ZG7n24MuP_NI5nhk_z3snCQRES6IQxszmNVD4BjqT4XPT8RgGdJWE5gqbXng469NIyR6cpb8UPgJsaxokf7RgBZOuokfOogXIN1_eRa7U+
external image TEr-cb9KLuMb2O9uTLKEbRrSbnzot2YH6jfI-SIsAmcumxH9Pd6PqPVcdlHjjrnJbKZJhH26KUMqBmptJGRtOJETrIgUNTiZhU2orfvaG9V9SKYK04s
external image TEr-cb9KLuMb2O9uTLKEbRrSbnzot2YH6jfI-SIsAmcumxH9Pd6PqPVcdlHjjrnJbKZJhH26KUMqBmptJGRtOJETrIgUNTiZhU2orfvaG9V9SKYK04s

BatchGeo and Google Form



  • Nota is casual collaboration.
  • Nota is a unique, cutting-edge collaborative web platform that allows users to create, share and collaborate on presentations and virtually any other form of online material. Using Nota’s proprietary toolset, users can instantly integrate text, video, maps, clip art, photos from web album or on the local computer, or license-free images Flickr, and material from an ever-expanding array of sources. Users can then instantly embed their work in Facebook or blogs, and can share and collaborate with friends.

Example Nota page (1)

Example Nota page (2)

Resources for June 13th, 2011

Bomomo online interactive creative drawing program

Flipsnack - example
PDF documents to Flip book you can share and/or embed.

Much like Flipsnack except the document you upload doesn't have to be a PDF. This example is from a PowerPoint.

Sermon Spice Timers
Could down with some color and style! Check out:
To see all that they offer in the category of "Countdowns" visit

Google Tools for Schools
Just came across this one and looking forward to exploring all that it offers....

Resources for May 9th, 2011


Flocabulary produces educational hip-hop music and engaging curricular materials to teach academic content for grades K-12.

AIMS VideosArizona Instrument to Measure Standards Richard Pino, 8th grade LA @ McKemy Middle School in Tempe ElementaryBubble It

Any sketch can then be embedded on your blog/ homepage for people to play-back, and you can also point people to your sketchcast channel here (or let them subscribe to your sketchcast RSS feed). Sketchcasting is new but it's based on an old principle: the whiteboard (or the napkin in a bar) on which you sketch something to get a concept across... or to just have some fun. Sketchasting was invented by Richard Ziade on July 23rd, 2007, Creative Commons licensed.

Turn videos into short clips
Have to sign up for an invitation - may take awhile to get in

BeholdTM is a search engine for high-quality Flickr images. It aims to answer your queries based on what is inside the images -- at the pixel level. It offers a completely new way to search for images, using techniques of computer vision. It is different to standard image search engines, such as Flickr or Google, because those search through images using only image tags and filenames.

Today's Meet "lite"
Easy to do.
Able to print up transcript. (Saved for 24 hours.)
Movies you can download...legally! While you constantly hear about how downloading movies is illegal, there are numerous free legal movies you can download. Sure we aren’t talking about the latest summer blockbusters here, but there are some great films out there on the Internet that can be had for free.

The Internet Archive works to bring together anything and everything that resides in the public domain, and that includes movies. We’ve gathered together 40 of the best ones that will keep you entertained for hours on end, all without costing you a dime outside of using some of your bandwidth. Enjoy!

Resources for March 14th, 2011

Foldables: Using technology for “hands-on” activities and lessons for students (and teachers!)
The purpose of this wiki is to provide a place for K-12 educators to learn more about the Foldables® that can be used across the curriculum and to share success stories and creative ideas about how to use them in the classroom.

Subject areas:
  • LA
  • Math
  • Science
  • Social Studies
  • Unified Arts
  • ESL
  • Test Prep
  • Technology
  • Cross Curricular

An example of one activity that is remarkable…. Foldable for the story of Wilson Bentley
  • Concepts, Skills, Big Ideas and Essential Questions
  • Rubric
  • Visual directions

Foldable® Directions
How to Make a Pocket Book Foldable
How to Make a Response Journal Book Journal
How to Make a Layered Look Book Foldable
How to Make a Venn Diagram 3 Tab Foldable®
How to Make an Interest Bound Book Foldable®
How to Make a Two-Tab Cause and Effect Foldable®
How to make a Two-Tab Book point of view

Mad About Books
A podcast for the students, teachers and community in the Madison School District.
Because of Mr. Terupt with Michelle Hoffman, Library Associate, Madison Park Middle School

The Brooklyn Nine with Deborah Reker, Head Librarian,
Madison School District

Paint the Wind with Deborah Reker, Head Librarian, Madison School District

Skype Buddies Project
Mrs. Dewberry, 8th Grade Language Arts
Madison Meadows
Ms. Atkinson, 1st Grade
Madison Simis
The Frog and the Flea from Kim Thomas on Vimeo.

It is easy!
It is fast!
Teachers love it!
No mo’ kick, kiss, etc. with YouTube!

Tammy Worcester
Tammys Technology Tips for Teachers
  • Tip of the Week
  • Ideas-Activities
  • Internet Resources
  • Training Handouts

Internet Resources>Just for Fun>Cameroid-Use your webcam to take photos on line!.
As you can see, I spent a little time “monkeying around” in this site…pun intended!



Resources for February 14th, 2011

This is, without a doubt, one of the best websites I have come across in a long time. It is so wonderfully easy to use!

I am sure there are many sites that you can do this type of work in, but, this one is easy to use, making it a winner for me! Cautionary note - more for personal use, not
necessarily something to use in front of students. I would suggest creating then showing final project to students.
Mary_advising_Russia.jpg PhotoFunia-333446.jpg

Make your Case (Scholastic)
Think you’ve got the Seventh Amendment down? Then it’s time to Make Your Case. Take part in this courtroom trial simulation and learn how important our right to a trial by jury is.
You’ll play the role of an attorney in a civil case against one of your classmates. You can also play as teams.
Bring your best game, because we’re keeping score. Each player or team of players will score points for asking witnesses the correct question or making the right objection.

Google Art Project
What is the ‘Art Project’?
A unique collaboration with some of the world’s most acclaimed art museums to enable people to discover and view more than a thousand artworks online in extraordinary detail.
  • Explore museums with Street View technology: virtually move around the museum’s galleries, selecting works of art that interest you, navigate though interactive floor plans and learn more about the museum and you explore.
  • Artwork View: discover featured artworks at high resolution and use the custom viewer to zoom into paintings. Expanding the info panel allows you to read more about an artwork, find more works by that artist and watch related YouTube videos.
  • Create your own collection: the ‘Create an Artwork Collection’ feature allows you to save specific views of any of the 1000+ artworks and build your own personalised collection. Comments can be added to each painting and the whole collection can then be shared with friends and family.
Why is there a difference between the museums in terms of the number of galleries, artworks and related information?Google approached the museum partners without any curatorial direction, and each museum was able to chose the number of galleries, artwork and information they wanted to include, based on reasons specific to them. All content in the information panel pertaining to individual artworks was also provided by the museums.Why are some areas or specific paintings in the museum Street View imagery blurred?Some of the paintings and features captured with Street View were required to be blurred by the museums for reasons pertaining to copyrights.Are the images on the Art Project site copyright protected?The high resolution imagery of artworks featured on the art project site are owned by the museums, and these images may be subject to copyright laws around the world. The Street View imagery is owned by Google. All of the imagery on this site is provided for the sole purpose of enabling you to use and enjoy the benefit of the art project site, in the manner permitted by Google’s Terms of Service.
The normal Google Terms of Service apply to your use of the entire site.

Our partners:For now the following museums are included in the project:
  • Alte Nationalgalerie, Berlin - Germany
  • Freer Gallery of Art, Smithsonian, Washington DC - USA
  • The Frick Collection, NYC - USA
  • Gemäldegalerie, Berlin - Germany
  • The Metropolitan Museum of Art, NYC - USA
  • MoMA, The Museum of Modern Art, NYC - USA
  • Museo Reina Sofia, Madrid - Spain
  • Museo Thyssen - Bornemisza, Madrid - Spain
  • Museum Kampa, Prague - Czech Republic
  • National Gallery, London - UK
  • Palace of Versailles - France
  • Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam - The Netherlands
  • The State Hermitage Museum, St Petersburg - Russia
  • State Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow - Russia
  • Tate Britain, London - UK
  • Uffizi Gallery, Florence - Italy
  • Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam - The Netherlands

Knoword is a game of quick thinking, smart decisions and great words. It focuses on teaching and advocating proper spelling habits, as well as good observational, analytical and typing skills. What makes Knoword different from all the other fun word games out there is that it's actually fun! With its fast-paced, addictive gameplay and a competitive and comprehensive player ranking system , Knoword pushes the limits on contemporary puzzle games and provides its players with a truly rewarding experience.

Make Use of
Numerous calendars you can download. Will need to register to download calendars.
Names of calendars:
  • Doodle
  • My Owl Barn
  • Alice Cantrell artwork
  • Blog Guide Book
  • Blue Ant Studio
  • More....

Resources for December 13th, 2010


One Word
You are given 60 seconds to write about one particular word. Example: When I did this I ended up with the word "stamp". I wrote about a stamp used on a letter. For 60 seconds I typed (trying to make sense!) about stamps, asking if they were a thing of the past. When my time was up I was able to see what others written about this as well. There website states the purpose is to "learn to flow". I found it thought-provoking and fun. :)

Where Children Sleep
From The author's (James Mollison) website ( "Where Children Sleep- stories of diverse children around the world, told through portraits and pictures of their bedrooms."

Had to have one fun one in the list tonight! image makers allow you to create your own funny photos and graphics - simply type in some text and choose from a few simple options.

Dot Voting
A quick online voting tool.

Online Stopwatch
Nifty tool to use in your classroom, during professional development or at a staff meeting.

Jigsaw Planet
Jigsaw Planet was shared in our last show. This link is to an activity a Madison teacher created with Jigsaw, showing how it can be used in a language arts lesson. After viewing this example you may come up with some other ideas on you can use it in your own classroom.

I realize most of you may already be aware of, and possibly using, Voki. It is such a good educational tool I thought it would be okay to bring it up again so we could share ways to effectively use it in the classroom. This can be to deliver instructions (that can be played over and over again for those who need reinforcement), introduce a lesson (briefly since each voki can only be 60 seconds - you might need to create several to get all the information in, but, would provide a perfect way to segment the information), have students explain their work, a shared story with several authors...etc.

Resources for using Voki in the classroom.

Resources for November 8, 2010

The Clipping Generator


Wanted Poster

Upload your own picture, add text and have fun!

And now on to some serious educational stuff…


Established in Durham, NC in 1994, Shodor is a nonprofit organization serving students and educators by providing materials and instruction relating to computational science (scientific, interactive computing).
Tonight we are going to look at the Interactive portion of the website.

Jigsaw Planet (Back to the fun stuff…)
Use their pictures or upload your own to create a fun puzzle.

EdHeads (Interactive and/or simulations)
· Create a line of Stem Cells
· Deep Brain Stimulation
· Crash Scene
· Virtual Hip Resurfacing (not for the faint of heart…..)
· Virtual Hip Replacement
· The Odd Machine
· Virtual Knee Surgery
· Design a cell phone
· Simple Machines

Just for fun....from the ASSET Educator's Day, Oct. 2nd.


BeFunky Peggy!

Committed Sardine

While at ISTE this summer I finally got to see a presentation by Ian Jukes You gotta love the name of his website!
21st Century Fluency Project - group sharing experiences and ideas.
  • Funny pictures (
    • On this site (one of many he has) he provides some of the pictures he uses at the beginning of his presentations. You are going to find some that you may want to use for PD or in the classroom. Cautionary note, be sure to preview the pictures before displaying them....
  • Small Bit Guides ( - you will need to sign up for an account to access the Guides
    • Google Forms
    • Animoto
    • Prezi
    • Wordle
    • Mindmeister
    • Twitter
    • Mixbook
    • Skype

Khan Academy (Math, Science, Humanities and Others, Test Prep and Talks and Interviews.
This site not only teaches several content areas, but it also revives your belief in the knowledge there are truly good people out there! Salman Khan starting helping his 6th grade niece with math by posting little tutorials on You Tube for her. Others started to watch and respond and the website has grown to a world-wide resources with over 1800 videos.

Sept. 13th, 2010
It is without any sense of guilt or shame that I admit to everyone that I am "borrowing" my resources for tonight from the Classroom 2.0 Live Show with Adam Bellows. One of the great things about being a Peggy Wannabe is that I get to learn about some really great tools, like, a website that allows you to consolidate links. This is from the show, providing all the links. Things go a little strange when working through the when you get to The Tech Commandments. You may not be able to get back to the page so I have added the links to my most favorite from this resource.

Home page for some of the resources shared tonight. Adam Bellow has done a truly remarkable job of putting together truly useful resources togehter.

Edutecher Links
Links listed by subjects and grade level. Be sure to bookmark this one (hopefully in Delicious!), you will want to come back to this one, time and time again.

Print What You Like
Save toner, save paper, save the world! Can take a bit getting used to....

Fun search tool. There is a bit of a theme in many of these sites - different ways to present information.

Taggalaxy - photo searches
Without a doubt, one of my favorites! You can look through Flickr photos in a truly unique way.

Tube Chop
TubeChop allows you to easily chop a funny or interesting section from any YouTube video and share it.

Boolean we still use them now that Google rules? Hope so!

Here is another one that will "knock your socks off" in how information is displayed (reminds me a bit of Taggalaxy).

Sumo Paint
Fun, free, easy - what more could you ask for? Let your students loose, stand back and enjoy.

H.I.P. Pocket Change - US Mint - Government (Not from Adam Bellows resources)
Games, Coins & Medals, Toons, Coin News and Collectors Club

August 9th, 2010

Ted Talk
This link comes with a warning - be ready to spend some time in front of your computer. The "talks" presented run the gamut, thoughtful, interesting, humorous, hear, educational, etc.

Naif Al-Mutawa: Superheroes inspired by Islam
In "THE 99," Naif Al-Mutawa's new generation of comic book heroes fight more than crime -- they smash stereotypes and battle extremism. Named after the 99 attributes of Allah, his characters reinforce positive messages of Islam and cross cultures to create a new moral framework for confronting evil, even teaming up with the Justice League of America.

Mitchell Joachim: Don't build your home, grow it!
TED Fellow and urban designer Mitchell Joachim presents his vision for sustainable, organic architecture: eco-friendly abodes grown from plants and -- wait for it -- meat.

Margaret Gould Stewart: How YouTube thinks about copyright

Dan Meyer: Math class needs a makeover
Today's math curriculum is teaching students to expect -- and excel at -- paint-by-numbers classwork, robbing kids of a skill more important than solving problems: formulating them. At TEDxNYED, Dan Meyer shows classroom-tested math exercises that prompt students to stop and think.
Please announce: Dan Meyer will be our special guest on Classroom 2.0 LIVE on Sat. Nov. 6 at 12:00noon EST. :-) Very excited!!

Wordle Trick
Thanks to Beth Burke for sharing this trick. Put a tilda between words you want to stay together in your wordle.

Collaborative storytelling.
Start off with the very helpful tour.

Let Me Google That For You
This is a bit "tongue and cheek" so only use this with people you know that have a sense of humor. You type in a search and your actions are recorded. Then, you send the link and the "video" is sent to them. At the end of the (very) short video it displays the messages "Was that so hard?".

Down for Everyone or Just Me
Type in the address you are trying to get will come back and let you know if the problem is at the other end. Can save you lots of brain strai

July 12th, 2010

Edublogger - best ever!

Creativity & Standards: Amazing Authentic Approaches
Annette Lamb

National Archives Experience

Focus on Quality before Multimedia Projects Begin
Rushton Hurley & Jim Sill

Two Tech Chicks

To encourage commenting on child created content.

Camp Plug and Play: AZ K12 Center
Pecha Kucha:
Streamlined Presentations
Tony Vincent blog post:
Twenty slides displayed for 20 seconds each for a total time of 6 minutes and 40 seconds. That's the formula for Pecha Kucha. Pecha Kucha was devised as a way to keep presenters focused and to keep an audience's attention. Pecha Kucha presentations have exactly 20 slides and the slides are set to automatically advance every 20 seconds. Sticking with this format allows for a multiple speakers to "take the stage" and keeps their messages concise.

June14th, 2010
A first for us in Arizona.....temperatures below 100! Wahoo! For a few days it truly was glorious........

On to the fun stuff.

One of my favorite podcasts is Tech Chick Tips with Anna and Helen ( They provide so many great and useful resources I find myself listening to each podcast 2 or 3 times to make sure I pick up on everything!

Books Should Be Free
In their most recent podcast they shared Booksshouldbefree ( This site houses public domain books that have been put into audio format for the world to use. The site is easy to navigate, you can download the books through iTunes or as a MP3 file. The books are even offered in 25 different languages!

Smithsonian Images
A big Wahoo to the Smithsonian for making so many useful images available to educators and students! Please read the "Use" information below and you will see why this really is pretty exciting!

The Smithsonian specifically encourages the use, without charge, of these images by students, teachers, and schools.
They are available for downloading and use in reports and class work, as well as on class-related student and school web sites. Credit must be given to the photographer and the Smithsonian Institution.

Here is one example of what can be found at the Smithsonian site. I think it would be fun to show this to students and have them find out what war and military branch this was used.
Doughboy uniform

Brown wool button-down jacket and brown wool breeches.
Enlisted soldier's uniform. The brown, doughy color of the uniform lead to these soldiers being refered to as "doughboys" though the exact derivation of the nickname has been debated.

Fable Vision Radio
Peter Reynolds is one of my favorite authors (Ish, Dot, etc.) and he provides great educational resources through his websites. Fable Vision Radio offers 3 of his books, for free, as audio files - The North Star, The Blue Shoes and Living Forever. (The only drawback - they must be played in Real Player.)

Now you would think this would be enough, but Peter Reynolds provides even more to go with one of the stories - The North Star., an online literary version that has the story written in both English and Spanish and the option of following a boy or girl main character.

Fable Vision Radio is just one aspect of FableVision Place. You will want to take the time to check this out....

May 201.)
Well, I don't know where to begin since I have learned so much the last week! At the AzTEA Way Out West Conference the Keynote Speaker, Kevin Honeycutt pretty much "knocked my socks off" with his presentation and all the incredible resources he provided. All the teachers from the Madison School District who attended agree, he truly is amazing.

One resource,,struck a cord with me due to the simplicity of the program and how it works. You use this online tool to publish classroom books, yearbooks, anything. And, the best part, you name the price. Nothing is produced until it is ordered from Lulu. Then, you will get 80% of the creator revenue. One of the teachers in the Madison School District found out about this and was thrilled to have such an easy way to produce a grade level book for students and parents.
Thanks to Melodie Brewer for this link. The name of the website "Mouse Party" is a bit of a hook to get kids interested. As you can see by the url, it really comes from University of Utah and demonstrates, through animation, the effects different drugs have on a mouse brain.

Kevin Honeycutt introduced many of us to the world of Plurk. I joined and am surprised that I am keeping up with it. Not sure why since I haven't been active with Twitter. Maybe it is the time line format. http://www.plurk

As I as listening to the latest Wesley Fryer Podcast, "Moving at the Speed of Creativity" one of my favorite (though there are many!) websites was brought up....Tux Paint. At a MICE (Madison Integrating Computer Education) meeting several months ago this web site came up. The teachers loved it. It is an Open Source drawing tool for all kids. :)

In the Madison School District we are using presentations from the K12 Online Conference as part of our CATNIP (Classroom Application of Technology - New Incentive Program) Professional Development. Teachers view the presentations, answer a few questions, as part of the program to earn technology for their classroom. One of my favorites it listed below. Rachel Boyd and her students will inspire to do great things. Check it out.

Description: Rachel Boyd’s keynote presentation for the “Week in the Classroom” strand of the K12 Online conference. A peek for a week inside a kiwi junior classroom of 6 year olds. Come and see what we get up to in our classroom learning during a week using a variety of online and web2 tools. Please note that due to this presentation also being visual it is best viewed with audio AND visuals in movie format.
Presenter: Rachel Boyd, Nelson, New Zealand
Length of Presentation: 20:58

Many of you may already know about Voki. This is a big hit with the teachers in Madison. So many possibilities.

April 2010
Unable to participate :(

March 2010
Latest "cool tools" to use in your classroom.....Google Wonder Wheel and Google Squared.
Thanks to Amanda Dahl for sharing both of these at our recent MICE (Madison Integrating Computer Education) meeting.

Google Squared

The best thing about Google - they keep things simple! Google squared takes all the search results and put them in a spreadsheet that works like a spreadsheet. This means you can filter information. I think this tool deserves a big WOW!
"So, how do I get to Google Squared?" you ask.

Google Wonder Wheel

Yes, Google has done it again! Search results came back this time in a concept map form.
A search for "rain forest" would provide a result that looks like this. Each text items is also a link.

Steps to follow:
1. Type in your keywords in a google search
2. Under the Google logo look for +Show option and click on it to be able to see all the options.
3. Scroll down to find Wonder Wheel (under >Standard View).
4. Have fun!

Wordle Google Presentation

Resources to help you effectively use this cool tool with your students